In our ongoing Guild pursuit to discover patterns, make sense of the world, understand what happened with our homes through this pandemic and identify possible futures of  day -to-day life: home, work, play, shopping, eating, rest, travel, socializing and escape, we have landed on "the home" as a valuable place of study in 2021.


We work from our homes now. We learn in our homes. We seek safety in our homes. We spend more time in our homes. And we try to address the challenges with a more home-dominant life post-pandemic.
Below you will see our new perspectives, discoveries, conversations and futures of where we live, and how it  has been irrevocably changed through this pandemic.  Home is where our LIVE story begins..


Image by Debby Hudson
Image by C D-X
Image by Joss Woodhead
Image by Markus Winkler
Image by Jean-Louis Paulin


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